The Rose of Paracelsus Award for Nadejda

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Dear Dr Nadya Dyulgerova,
The Rose of Paracelsus Award (RP) has a special place within the programme Golden Collection. This is a joint initiative with European Medical Association contains an exclusively gold-plated star diploma and registered with the British patent office Reg # UK00003184792.
This exclusive award is presented to distinguished individuals and companies worldwide for high reputation within medical field.

EBA and Europe Medical Association have recommended Medical Center and Laboratory `NADEJDA` for the prestigious international award in the healthcare sphere ‘Rose of Paracelsus’.
This is in recognition of your excellent reputation, safe and effective treatment methods, highly professional medical staff and modern equipment.
This award will be granted to the best clinics and practitioners whose professionalism is confirmed, not only by formal standards, but by the trust of clients.

The benefits:

-        European Medical Association recommendation certificate
-        Helps to raise awareness on local and international markets
-        Increases competitiveness of your products and services
-        RP logo can be used for advertising purposes as international quality symbol
-        3 year licence (royalty)

Rose of Paracelsus Award award will be presented at the Socrates Award Ceremony, 21 July, Town Hall, St Aldate’s  Street, Oxford.
The ceremony will become a culmination of traditional Oxford Summit of Leaders ´Leaders who define future, future that defines leaders’, the event programme is attached.
The summit medical section Medicine of the Future? Is it with us now? Will be moderated by Prof Dr Vincenzo Costigliola, Honorary President Academic Union Oxford and President, European Medical Association, Brussels, Belgium

Yours sincerely, in anticipation of your response,
Nataly Green
Europe Business Assembly Coordinator