About Medical Center “NADEJDA”, Varna

Medical Center Nadejda is a licensed private health care practice. Every day, our experts use the latest advances in medical technology to provide a wide range of medical services, including lab tests, prevention and diagnostics, effective treatment, and preparation of medical certificates for people who value their health and time. We aim to accomplish this at the right time, by the right professionals, for all the people who value their health and time.

The focus of our efforts over the years has been our work for and with patients because at "NADEJDA" everyone seeking medical treatment is a personality and the recipient of individual attention by the staff with a view to successfully resolving her/his health issue.

The entire team of health workers and professional physicians: - clinicians, microbiologists, immunologists, virologists, nurses, laboratory technicians and midwives- are the true assets of the hospital, the people who, throughout their years of hard and dedicated work, have turned "NADEJDA" from a promise into a guarantee of PROFESSIONAL INTEGRITY for colleagues and patients alike.

On 09. February 2012 Medical Center "NADEJDA" , Varna, was awarded the Council of Europe's scientific and cultural community’s "GOLD SEAL" for EUROPEAN MANAGEMENT IN HEALTHCARE, and the CERTIFICATE granting Official and Honorary status of an institution of high prestige and social recognition in the field of medicine, the "GOLDEN BOOK" award for its contribution to the development of excellence in Bulgarian healthcare with regard to the management of new initiatives in the promotion of the benefits of Modern Models in Healthcare , for advanced development of the sector and for the promotion of national pride.